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The ]V[orbid Sain']['s were founded by Armegeddon and Mad-Dog in April 1997 after they left their old Diablo Clan. After Diablo died off they moved onto StarCraft/BroodWar. Humperback and GodCrunch joined the clan shortly thereafter. The clan added several other members and became active in other games such as Rainbow 6, Rogue Spear, Quake 3 and Q3 Fortress. NavySEAL then joined the clan and turned everyone onto CounterStrike. Soon after that the clan became competitive in CounterStrike and recruited several new members. The clan joined a league and opened a public server. The clan began to grow with the addition of a second server and a new web page.

Currently, the Sain']['s are active in several games including Diablo2 and CounterStrike. Clansmembers are located from coast to coast and vary in age from our teen's to our 40's. The clan is active on comms every night of the week. We have grown into a small community of friends centered around our addiction to computer gaming.

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