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The ]V[orbid Sain']['s are always interested in new clansmembers who share our views on gaming. Our membership is generally older than most other clans although we have our share of younger members. We are picky about who we let in the clan because we must associate with clan members on comms on a daily basis. To that end, we will take the time to get to know prospective members before they join the clan. Once you become a member, the following requirements apply:

° Must add ~]V[S Clan tag to your player name once accepted.

° Use of ICQ for communications.

° Use of Battlecom for in-game voice communications.

° Must try to remain active in the clan.

° Broadband connection required: DSL, Cable, or better. We are not accepting any more 56K'ers.

° Must adhere to the "Code of Conduct".

To apply for membership and get the process started, complete and e-mail the following information to Armegeddon, the clan leader:

1. ICQ #
2. Age
3. Location
3. Extra talents/contributions (web design, web art design, map design, server, etc.)

Finally, please post to the forums some background information on yourself and why you want to join the clan so the rest of the clan can get to know you. Thank you for considering the ]V[orbidSain']['s.

Code of Conduct

° Cheating will result in immediate removal from the clan.

° Teamplay is the only way.

° We are a group of equals.

° Many clanmembers have families. Be respectful while on comms.

° Treat clanmembers and others with respect. Your actions are a direct reflection on the clan.

° Have Fun!

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